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Private Mermaid Tour Hawaii

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18 and over
Children Ages 10 to 17

Private Mermaid Snorkel Tour & Photo Shoot in Waikiki

Guided tour where our instructors teach you how to swim like a mermaid with your own mermaid suit. We provide absolutely everything you need and you are guaranteed to see a ton of aquatic life and fish. And, Free videos and pictures are included!

  • Adults and children ages 5 and up
  • All tours are semi private
  • We provide absolutely everything
  • Free videos and pictures included
  • All tours are in the ocean on a reef
  • Guaranteed to see aquatic life and fish

After Reservation is Made

After you make your reservation you will receive a confirmation email that will include all the details of your reservation including what to expect, what to bring, and where to check in.  After booking we will pair you and your group with your own personal dive professional. Your instructor will waiting for you at the dive site.

No Worries

We help you with everything from before the tour, guiding you into our dive site, to after the tour, downloading videos and pictures. We take care of all the details in between so that you don’t have to worry,  and your tour goes perfect.

To book your reservation

Scroll up and choose your Date & Time form the calendar.

Any Questions?  808-824-3254